VOYAGEUR collection -Kitsuné for Mackintosh- Fall Winter 2010

Kitsuné’s designer, Masaya Kuroki gives his vision of the brand Mackintosh and tells how he imagined his new collaboration on the travelling  theme :

.” Travelling has become a big part of my life for a few years now. Most of the time, it is for business of course and I have to cross Charles De Gaule’s boarders several times a month. It has become common for me to visit other countries, airports and check my emails in the back of a cab.

I was reading a newspaper in a London airport one day when a man passed by me; he was wearing a vintage Mackintosh rain coat. I have a very special feeling for this brand. I respect their image and the quality of the products they have created over the years, a real “savoir faire” which has inspired me. This is why I made the offer to rework some of their classic pieces in a modern way. Here is how the “VOYAGEUR” collection—Kitsuné for Mackintosh Fall/Winter 2010—was born.

I have integrated into each item some very special pockets: one for your passport, one that enables you to catch your pen easily, a chest pocket which is the perfect size for your flight ticket or your immigration documents…Flexible fitting and elegant silhouette. Of course each item is designed in the finest rain coat material true to Mackintosh with a Kitsuné touch. To easily live through the seasons you can take off the inside range. The idea was to focus on the details, compatible with style and functionality.

The first collection will begin with three pieces representing three cities: “Tokyo”, the crossover between the future and the past; “Paris” which has had a big impact on Kitsuné’s identity and “London” which fits perfectly with the brand Mackintosh… ”

Each item is available in three colours:

Available at Kitsuné Boutique, 52 rue de Richelieu 75001 and in a selection of Mackintosh stores around the world at the end of September 2010.