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New Compilation – Kitsuné Parisien – minimix by Jerry Bouthier – Free Download


The new Kitsuné compilation is called KITSUNÉ PARISIEN! Selected by label head-honcho Gildas Loaëc and Int party hopper/artist ‘André’ Saraiva, it showcases the cream of the new Parisian music scene. No surprise, these two know a thing or two about Paris and music. KITSUNÉ PARISIEN officially digs the next breed of Parisian acts. The new French Touch has landed. Release date : Feb 21st 2011, keep your eyes and ears open!

Download now for free the minimix of the compilation by our dearest Jerry Bouthier !

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[...] Ce billet était mentionné sur Twitter par maison_kitsune, Le Marais, BeatauCue, John Ashton, たぁーたぉ et des autres. たぁーたぉ a dit: cant wait cant wait cant waaaaaait!!! the Kitsuné Parisien minimix : #electro [...]

YES! Kitsune Compilations are defo the musical highlight of the year. Each one has been better than the last: Gildas and Masaya: New York– and Paris– and Tokyo; PONYSTEP; and of course ALL the Compilations (and especially #10: FIREWORKS ISSUE!) I am SO EXCITED for PARISIEN!!! GO, KITSUNE MAISON, GO!

[...] Kitsuné Parisien – minimix by Jerry Bouthier [...]

[...] 30 January 2011 — Tagged with Jupiter We heard a brand new Jupiter track on both the latest Kitsuné Parisien compilation and Aeroplane’s January Mix. It’s phoocking good! Their debut album is [...]

[...] Kitsuné release their new compilation titled KITSUNÉ PARISIEN. The mix features a selection chosen by Gildas Loaëc and international party hopper and artist ‘André’ Saraiva. The mix is a thorough showcasing of the latest in the Parisian music landscape. Known for their ability to uncover new artists, the mix should provide a strong indication of the future in regards to Parisian music. The mix can be downloaded free of charge from Kitsuné. [...]

[...] half of Kitsuné and the world renowned ‘André’ Saraiva. Download KITSUNÉ PARISIEN from the Kitsuné [...]

[...] the release of the new compilation, Kitsuné Parisien on February 21st, we asked the featured artists to tell us about the city of light, Paris. The [...]

[...] celebrate the release of their common project, the compilation : Kitsuné Parisien, Gildas & André invite you to Le Baron at Le Bain in New York (444 West 13th Street ) on [...]

[...] est de retour avec le clip du morceau Shade of Doubt, que l’on retrouve sur la compilation Kitsuné Parisien. Une nouvelle fois, on [...]

[...] ne connaissent pas Kitsuné (que Dieu leurs pardonnent) dépêchez-vous d’écouter notamment « Parisiens » (Tiens [...]

[...] Baron. Hype a toda prova.Wagner live at Le Baron or backstage dreaming ? from Double Jay on Vimeo.www.kitsune.frcomentários (0) [...]

[...] discovered Valley on the latest always cool Kitsuné mixtape: Parisien. They’re a pretty slick mix of energy and synths, playing off the sound of their French [...]

[...] Music d’Herman Dune le 23 mai chez Green United Music, distribué par Pias. Kitsuné Parisien, compilation par Gildas & André, chez Kitsuné. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 [...]

[...] Music d’Herman Dune le 23 mai chez Green United Music, distribué par Pias. Kitsuné Parisien, compilation par Gildas & André, chez Kitsuné. Monumenta 2011 : Leviathan d’Anish Kapoor [...]

[...] what our fellow foursome Nameless dropped on the Kitsune Parisien II sampler within the past month. In terms of samplers, we can’t say enough about the quality Parisien [...]

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