Meet Carine Brancowitz – a talented illustrator!

You started off as a graphic designer, what inspired the transition into illustration ?

I started drawing in 2007, It was instinctive, not really a conscious decision.
Drawing was a necessity, a mission…
I’ve never really questioned myself at that time and still don’t.

Why did you choose pens over a more « traditional » medium ?

A few years ago, I was really fond of oil painting. I’m more into pens now.
Working with pens has strong limitations. Sometimes I add felt tip pens or pencils.
Not really being able to do corrections on the original creates a tension, you find yourself on the verge of failure during all the process… It’s like walking on a tightrope. Either you stay focused and walk straight or you fall!

Who are these people you choose to draw ? Are they friends, acquaintances or simply strangers ?

I draw the things that surround me. I always try to imprison a little part of my present life in each drawing. I like graceful girls and boys… Friends or strangers.

Who are some visual artists that influenced your work ?

I really like ancient greek sculptors, Italian Renaissance artists, Jean Cocteau drawings…

Music and literature seem to play an important role in your work. Any bands or books you’re really into right now ?

Ariel Pink is a great musician.
Music is a companion, not really an inspiration.
Books are more important to me. French litterature. Sagan, Cocteau, Mauriac are my favorites at the moment.

What was your inspiration for the Kitsuné collaboration ?

As I was looking for an idea related to music,
I instantly thought about music equipment – I love to draw audio gear!

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all drawings : courtesy of Carine Brancowitz, visit :