Moonlight Matters "Come For Me" feat. Gustaph Stream + Interview

Ex member of Belgian trio Villa, Sebastiaan Vandevoorde aka Moonlight Matters’s style is hard to pinpoint but certainly has no lack of personality. After leaving his mark on quality pop music with remixes for the likes of Metronomy, Is Tropical, Adele, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lana Del Rey to name but a few, he is finally dropping his first self release on Kitsuné.

Featuring 3 original tracks, Moonlight Matters has brought in some VIP guest on his EP: the luminary “Come For Me”, which is on the forthcoming Kitsuné Soleil Mix stars Gustaph from Hercules and Love Affair, while Azari & III’s Starving Yet Full poses his powerful voice on the insistent and heady “Standing Up For Love”.
Last but not least, the mesmeric track “Rain Dance” also promises to be a summer nugget!

His long-awaited debut EP “Come For Me” is out on Kitsuné, so we though it was a nice occasion to have a little chat.

You’ve been an important figure on the electro / pop’s landscape for a quite while now, why are you releasing your first EP only now?
I had been tied up in a lot of other things before I could finish up the EP like remixes, productions etc, so it took me some time to finish an EP I was 100% happy about. It was important to me that I didn’t make any concessions while making these 3 tracks. I also wanted to introduce a new side of Moonlight Matters without disappointing any lovers of my previous work, so it took some thinking to find all the right ingredients…

How would you describe your style ?
Though I have quite a personal style and distinguished instrumental “cast” I’ve been working on for some years, the most important thing for me is the song in the sense that, you can ask the Vienna symphonic orchestra, and Nile Rodgers to play on your record, as long as the content of the song isn’t good, it will never be a good track… A polished pile of shit is still just a pile of shit… Pardon my French… There is nothing worse then getting a BIG nicely wrapped present, and when opened find that there is nothing inside…

Can you tell us a bit about the remixes of Come For Me?
Most of the people who have remixed “Come For Me” are personal friends who’s music I support…Some of them had already done remixes for the Shindu – Happy House, who was also on KItsuné, I did some time ago… Though most of us being in the same niche more or less, everybody has a distinct sound or approach to music. I think this translated very well into all the remixes…

Why did you choose to work with “Gustaph” from Hercules & Love Affair, and Azari & III’s singer “Starving Yet Full”on your EP?
Gustaph being from Ghent, I had always loved his voice, and kept an eye on him till the right moment for a collab would pop up. I had been recording some stuff with Gustaph before, but the “Come For Me” track hit all the right notes, so it wasn’t a hard choice at all… Working with Azari & III’s “Starving Yet Full” was an idea I had, which has been more or less accomplished thru Stephen Bass from Moshi Moshi… Thanks Stephen!! He came over to the studio and fell in love with the “Standing up for Love” track… The rest is history.

How did the recording and collabs go?
Well, very smooth to be honest, both tracks were wrapped up in 4-5 hours.This only illustrates the sheer professionalism of both these virtuoso singers… I guess both tracks really touched something inside both singers, which made the process into a natural and organic event. Next to getting the work done, a good studio session should consist of a good meal, a long chat, and a good glass of wine also.

What’s next for you?
I can’t wait to drop the next EP, which will be out soon after the summer hopefully. I’ve got Sharleen “Texas” Spiteri singing on one of the tracks and i have to say, the woman blowed my mind with her participation. Totally gobsmacked… I’m working with Becky from Saint Saviour on another track and have a few more tricks up my sleeve. I’m also doing some more remixes, one for A-track, Kimbra & Mark Foster should be out anytime soon. Towards the future I’m working on the new Moonlight Matters sound of which you’ll hopefully get presented a great example anytime soon.

You can purchase the original EP on our webstore.
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