Kitsuné Soleil Mix : Gigamesh "Your Body" (JBAG remix) – Free Download

American DJ/producer Gigamesh has been making his mark in dance clubs around the world for several years. Here Gigamesh’s DiscoTech track “Your Body” is reinterpreted by JBAG, the studio project of our dear friend Jerry Bouthier and Andrea Gorgerino.
This super funky remix is featured on Gildas & Jerry Kitsuné Soleil Mix.

You can purchase the mix on our webstore or on iTunes Europe, US, Australia
CD copies are available on our webstore

You can purchase Gigamesh’s latest EP “All My Life” on our webstore or on iTunes Europe, US, Australia and Japan

Where can we see you this summer?
I was just in NYC and Mexico and am going to Santo Domingo in a week. In early July I traveled all over the US on a tour with Punks Jump Up, followed by dates in Louisville, Miami, Philadelphia, and more.

According to you what’s the best place to spend the summer?
At the beach of course! I’m also a big fan of BBQs.

What do you do during the summer that you’ll never dare to do any other time of the year?
Commit felonies! Just kidding — is running with my shirt off daring?

What’s the best summer festival?
I haven’t been there yet, but I’m hoping Pitchfork is the best because I’m attending this year.

What are your 5 essentials during the summer?
Babes (girlfriend)

Can you give us your top 5 tracks or albums you’ll be listening to all summer?
Kindness – World You Need A Change Of Mind
Love – Everybody’s Gotta Live
Poolside – Slow Down
RAMP – Come Into Knowledge
Lee Fields & the Expressions – Faithful Man

Download for free Gigamesh “Your Body” (JBAG remix) !

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