Kitsuné Soleil Mix : Gildas & Jerry

Packed with sun-drenched vibes to die for, Kitsuné Soleil Mix is a musical invitation to laze about, relax by the pool with a cocktail in hand and enjoy the moment thanks to an astute selection of hot new tunes!
Conceived and mixed by Kitsuné’s boss Gildas Loaëc and longtime collaborator Jerry Bouthier, the French dj/producer relocated in London who was behind Kitsuné BoomBox and Kitsuné Ponystep, we wonder what they planned for summer. Discover their summer playlist and more in this interview!

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Where can we see you this summer?
Gildas : A bit dj in Singapour and Tokyo and Osaka after St Petersburg and Jakarta and Cap Ferret, for the first time
Jerry : Russia, Indonesia, Buenos Aires, Japan, Singapore, Edinburgh, Beirut… London and Paris too I hope.

According to you what’s the best place to spend the summer?
Gildas : With friends
Jerry : As a kid I used to go on holiday at my gran’s house in the south of France between Toulon and St Tropez. Amazing landscapes with beautiful beaches at hand, the right amount of heat and sunshine. You can’t be that… the California of Europe.

What do you do during the summer that you’ll never dare to do any other time of the year?
Gildas : Learn to surf.
Jerry : Wear sunglasses.

What’s the best summer festival?
Gildas : Coachella – I see everybody saying “euh coachella isn’t in the summer” and I say yes you’re right but it’s always summertime there!
Jerry : To be honest I’ve never been that mad on festivals, I’ll do them no probs (and I’ll sleep in an hotel), but I guess I’m more of a club person than into that whole field/mud/camping trip, you always end up freezing with your (nice) clothes messed up. I like a proper wooden dancefloor to dance on haha. Saying this every continent’s got its load of them, some for sure pretty out of this world.

What are your 5 essentials during the summer?
Gildas : Sport, family, sun, waves and chill
Jerry : Suncreem. Books. Rizla. Tons of fruits and a bag full of new cds.

Can you give us your top 5 tracks or albums you’ll be listening to all summer?
Gildas : Two Door Cinema Club – Sun
Citizens! – True Romance
Friends – I’m His Girl
Plastic Plates – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved
St Lucia – Before The Dive

Jerry :
RÜFÜS – This Summer (JBAG remix)
Kill The Hero ft Maggie K de Monde – Surrender (Mannequine remix)
Gigamesh – Your Body (JBAG remix) – download it for free here
Yuksek – The Edge (Aeroplane remix-Jerry Bouthier edit)
Satin Jackets – Hollywood

Gildas & Jerry will celebrate Kitsuné’s 10th anniversary at the end of summer in Asia!
Don’t miss them!
24/08 – Zouk – Singapore w/ Gildas, Jerry Bouthier and Hong – tickets here
25/08 – AgeHa – Tokyo w/ Gildas, Jerry Bouthier, BeatauCue, Is Tropical , M.S.K
26/08 – OWL – Osaka w/ Gildas, Jerry Bouthier, Taku-Hero (Kill The Hero)- tickets here

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