Gildas Kitsuné Club Night mix #3 – Out Now !

Gildas Kitsuné Club Night mix #3 is available now in digital!

Listen to this kaleidoscopic mix comprising the cream of the crop of today’s electro scene, or in other words : Lifelike, Two Door Cinema ClubA-TrakMajor LazerLOGOCitizens!Hey Today!CrookersSolidisco and many more.

You have one day left to listen to the mix on Fader and to discover a preview of LOGO’s upcoming EP “Give Mo Luv” – out in January !

Go for it and get Gildas’ mix #3 on our webstore or on iTunes.

Tracklist :
1. Plastic Plates “Things I Didn’t Know I Loved” (feat. Simon Lord) (Bufi remix)
2. Saint Lucia “September” (Punks Jump Up Funhouse mix)
3. Two Door Cinema Club “Sleep Alone” (BeatauCue remix)
4. Citizens! “True Romance” (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night remix)
5. Nteibint “Time”
6. Christian S “The Power Of Now”
7. Punks Jump Up x Dubka “Future Is Now”
8. Logo “Give Mo Luv” (feat. eLBee BaD) (Boston Bun remix)
9. Hey Today! “Guru Guro”
10. A-Trak “Say Whoa” (Alex Gopher edit)
11. Alex Gopher “Hello Inc.” (feat Saint Michel) (dj Falcon Parallel remix)
12. Fake Blood “Yes/No”
13. Solidisco “Hey Everybody”
14. Crookers “Bowser”
15. Dombrance “The Witch” (feat Sourya)
16. Two Door Cinema Club “Sun” (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night remix)
17. Lifelike “Don’t Stop” (feat A-trak) (Gigamesh remix)
18. Major Lazer “Get Free” (feat Amber Coffman)

The first two editions of Gildas Kitsuné Club Night Mix are still available on our webstore, get the #1 here and the #2 here!