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Kitsuné Parisien III – Free Minimix By Jerry Bouthier


We’re proud to reveal the new Kitsuné Parisien compilation, available the 4th of February on Kitsuné!

Yes, once again, Gildas & his acolyte André made a new “Parisien” range, offering the best new hot fresh talents from Paris… and the rest of France as it goes!

Call it the new French Touch or whatever you like, this is the new blood which is currently shaking the City of Lights. This 2013 edition contains 13 tracks, so you can have the lowdown on what’s cooking up around the capital and beyond!

Listen to Jerry Bouthier’s minimix of Parisien III :

And download it for free!

To help you wait, we reveal you the tracklist with the digital bonus track !
01. TOYS – “Noise”
02. Pyramid – “Wolf”
03. CINEMA – “UV”
04. You – “Color”
05. Dombrance – “Donna”
06. Le Crayon – “Cosma”
07. LOGO – “Give Mo Luv” (feat. eLBee BaD) (Boston Bun remix)
08. Joris Delacroix – “Air France”
09. Monsieur Monsieur – “Arym”
10. BeatauCue – “Teion”
11. Synapson – “Phenomena”
12. FAUVE – “Kané”
13. Saint Michel – “Don’t Bother”
14. Superpoze – “Transylvania” (digital bonus)

Get the first two issues of Kitsuné Parisien compilation series on our webstore in CD or in digital!

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[...] as their last single “Noise” is featured on the forthcoming Kitsuné Parisien III compilation – out February 4th, we interviewed them on their Paris affinities, their [...]

[...] Après About The Girl et Tiger Evolution, c’est au tour des Monsieur Monsieur de figurer sur la prochaine compilation Kitsuné Parisien avec leur titre Arym. Sortie le 4 février, plus d’infos ici. [...]

[...] as their last single “Phenomena” is featured on the forthcoming Kitsuné Parisien III compilation – out February 4th, we interviewed them on their Paris affinities, their favourite [...]

[...] Dark horse Dombrance was already used to zigzaging between producing and playing for others and doing his own stuff. He’s now going from one release to the other on Kitsuné. First with his track “The Witch” featuring Sourya on the new Gidas Kitsuné Club Night#3 and now with the hypnotic chugger ‘Donna’ on Kitsuné Parisien III. [...]

[...] track “U.V” is on Kitsuné Parisien III out February 4th, we asked them a few [...]

[...] respectively have their tracks “Wolf” and “Cosma” on Kitsuné Parisien III, out on February the 4th and will be soon releasing their joined EP on our label, so we asked them [...]

[...] Retriever, and “Utopia”, and two of their own productions, which are also featured on Kitsuné Parisien III: Pyramid’s speed up “Wolf” and Crayon’s sexy clubby [...]

[...] new compilation Kitsuné Parisien III is out this Monday! As the Kitsuné Parisien compilation series is selected by Gildas and designed [...]

[...] track “Cosma” is featured on the Kitsuné Parisien III compilation out this Monday ! Pre-order Kitsuné Parisien III now on [...]

[...] their beautiful track “Kané”, which enthused the web, is featured on the new Kitsuné Parisien 3, we asked FAUVE a few questions about their favorite Parisian places and their forthcoming [...]

[...] featuring Goldn Retriever, and “Utopia”, and two of their own productions, which are on Kitsuné Parisien III: Pyramid’s speed up “Wolf” and Crayon’s sexy clubby [...]

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