Kitsuné Parisien III : TOYS "Noise"

A jazz arranger and a sound-engineer/producer part of Paris’ semi-legendary 18th quarterclique, Paul Prier and Bastien Doremus, TOYS members, combine their varied influences to craft the soundtrack to a glorious psychedelic funeral march.

And as their last single “Noise” is featured on the forthcoming Kitsuné Parisien III compilation – out February 4th, we interviewed them on their Paris affinities, their favourite places and their forthcoming projects.
Check out their interview below!

Watch TOYS‘ “Noise” video directed by Vittorio Bettini!

What does Paris represent for you?
Our cradle, our playground, our daily source of inspiration. The choice to live in a complex city, as harmful as magic.
Paris is a breeding ground, full of stories, anecdotes, all crazier than the other. What we like in Paris is to know we can do anything, even if we don’t do anything!

Paris in 3 essential places?
– The 18th district and particularly Pigalle, our arena, neighborhood, friends, bars, houses…
– Barbès for its madness, its unique atmosphere surrounding and because we shot our “Noise” video there.
– Belleville street, where our studio is located, for its liveliness, folk side and stimulating energy.

The song that describes Paris the best according to you?
Louis Malle’s film “Ascenceur pour l’échafaud” soundtrack, composed by Miles Davis. It has the peculiarity to has been registered in live for the movie, however it’s perfectly running lonely.

Your favorite track from the two last editions of the Kitsuné Parisien series?
“So Long My Love” from Tomorrow’s World.

What’s next for you
The release of our new EP in the coming months, with a new super video and a tour is also planned. A lot of work in studio and, we hope, many surprises!

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