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Loïc Prigent’s TV Show Of Maison Kitsuné Show Business At Pitti W


We’re pleased to unveil you the preview of the Maison Kitsuné “Show Business” film, directed by our favorite fashion filmmaker Loïc Prigent, which showcases the house’s Fall-Winter 2013 Women presentation in Florence, during the Pitti W.

Below, find the clip of our eclectic presentation, a mix of both fashion and music, all staged as a TV taping, starring Verbal and Yoon, Say Loulou, Yelle , Eli & Fur, Citizens! dressed in Maison Kitsuné, and of course, Maison Kitsuné’s masterminds, Gildas and Masaya.


Backstages, dressings, artists rocking the tapestry dressed walls, vibes on stage… watch it just as if you were in!


Check out the short version of the film:

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