Kitsuné Parisien 3 : YOU "Color"

Not much is known of Hugo Aymé aka the enigmatically named YOU.
What is for sure is that his heroic indie-rock is infectious as chicken pox and deserves to land on the airwaves as soon as possible!

His track “Color” is featured on the compilation Kitsuné Parisien 3, now available on our webstore or on iTunes and Qobuz (and get all Kitsuné release at a friendly price here)!
We interviewed him about his favourite Parisian places and his forthcoming plans.

Read his answers below and listen to “Color” on BBC Radio 1 !

YOU in front of La Flame de la Liberté !

What does Paris represent for you?
I grew up in the French country, so Paris has always been a dream to achieve for me. I came in the city for the first time when I was 7 or 8 years old, I was coming to do a delivery in a truck with my grand father (I spent all my youth holidays doing that). I couldn’t believe my eyes, at each building I was saying to myself “Wow, a castle”!
We briefly saw the Eiffel tower, I remember I was thinking “When I am old, I’ll live there!

Paris, in three essential places?
1. Obviously Le Louvre! I go there once a month and I haven’t seen all of it yet!
2. L’Olympia! I opened there for Brigitte and when I laid my feet on the stage I thought “Damn, I’m gonna play on the same stage as the Beatles!”
3. Le Parc des Princes stadium, to sing in unison with 40 000 people!

The song that describes Paris the best according to you?
-“Paname” by Léo Férré. Each time I hear “Si on te frappait, j’prendrais les armes” I feel like crying.

Your favorite track from the two last editions of the Kitsuné Parisien series?
– “Saké” by Jupiter.

What’s next for “YOU”?
– An EP in March and an album for the end of 2013.

Listen to Kitsuné Parisien 3 minimix by Jerry Bouthier:

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