Yelle's Valentine's Day Romantic Playlist!

Since Yelle’s higly anticipated new track “L’Amour Parfait” was released last Monday (you can get it on our webstore or on iTunes!), and that the title is the perfect Valentine’s Day theme, we asked her her “love” playlist!

And as you will see the “A Cause Des Garçons” ‘s singer can also be a sentimental sweetheart!

Here it is!
1.YELLE – “Ce Jeu”
“Yes, while we’re at it, I quote my songs! Follow me, I flee you, flee me, I follow you. The game of cat and mouse!”

2. DJ FALCON & THOMAS BANGALTER – “I’ve Got So Much Love To Give”
“The perfect slogan to express the overflow of love I often feel. Like when you cook a big meal and there is too much to eat, you feel like inviting more people to your table!”

3.TALKING HEADS – “This Must Be The Place”
“The cocoon, where we feel well, it’s also where we want to be in love.”

4.YELLE – “Que Veux-Tu”
“You’ve got horses, ponies, let’s make children. In other words: everything is ready, let’s try!”

5.CARDIGANS – “Lovefool”
“When love is no longer reciprocal, the worst of the feelings! The helplessness!”

6. YELLE – “L’Amour Parfait”

Have a look at the poem that Yelle wrote especially for this song!

“Prendre le large et se rendre compte que l’amour est tout ce qui compte.
Choisir sa cadence, et danser, choisir sa danse, et pleurer.
De joie ou de tristesse, peu importe, tant qu’il se passe quelque chose dans ton coeur, tu sais que tu es en vie.
Amour.” – Yelle, January 2013

Get “L’Amour Parfait” EP with the original track and exclusive remixes by Baadman, Sticky K, The Phantom and Ruben Mandolini! on on our webstore or on iTunes!

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