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Newly Official Pictures Of Café Kitsuné!

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Following its taste to twist traditions, the house has chosen a tea-centric country to serve its best coffee!

Café Kitsuné, a great premiere in the Kitsuné’s story, was created in a typical Japanese scenery and supplied with baristas trained by Mister Kunitomo Eiichi, the founder of esteemed Omotesando Koffee.

Watch the photographs below to discover Café Kitsuné with all its tiny lovable architectural details.




3-17-1 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo



Close-up on Café Kitsuné bamboo sign

View on the garden of Café Kitsuné (picture by Takumi Ota)

Main room of Café Kitsuné (picture by Takumi Ota)

The counter where you can drink coffee

Close-up on one of the lamps

Overview on Café Kitsuné cups, bags, menu and a baked custard

Café Kitsuné stamped coffee cups

 Baristas making coffee in the Omotesando way

 Close-up on Omotesando coffee in a Café Kitsuné cup

Café Kitsuné’s bonsai and display of the Pernod Absinthe collection

Sneak-peek of Café Kitsuné items

Antique wallpaper prints

Antique counter unearthed by Masaya Kuroki with tatami covering

Close-up on the tatami covering

Close-up on antique wooden counter

Kitsuné label cds and accessories

Close-up on 10th anniversary key rings and Kitsuné customized iPhone cases

View on Kitsuné Tee items and accessories

Close-up on the Kitsuné Tee collection

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A quand un café Kitsuné en France, bien que Télescope soit juste à côté de la boutique?

[...] du son Kistsuné. A Tokyo, une troisième corde s’ajoute à leur arc :  on peut y boire du café Kitsuné dans un jardin zen. Regardez la beauté des tasses Kitsuné, des petits sacs en kraft Kitsuné, et [...]

[...] Last Thursday, the 14th of February, we were in Tokyo, benefitting from Valentine’s Day to celebrate Maison Kitsuné’s love for Japan! And what a better love present than the opening of two fashion and music temples! Or, namely, Maison Kitsuné Tokyo and Café Kitsuné. [...]

[...] Café Kitsuné, which recently opened in Tokyo’s Omotesando district, at the same time as Maison Kitsuné Tokyo, provides a two-way experience with on the one hand, Kitsuné Tee clothes and label’s cds and on the other hand: a brand-new coffee bar. [...]

[...] 6 pm to 10 pm, join us to take a cup of coffee made by the cleverest baristas of Japan at Café Kitsuné, and discover the Maison Kitsuné 2013-14 collections and the exclusive products of André‘s [...]

[...] CAFE KITSUNE Tel 03-5786-4842 東京都港区南青山3-17-1 9:00~17:00 Close [...]

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