The Kitsuné Fox Seen by Brooklyn Artist Heather Pieske

This mysterious character, half-fox half-human is not a casting error, we assure you. This is a puzzling version of the adorable fox illustration made by Brooklyn artist Heather Pieske, and our Spring-Summer 2013 male model’s legs.

Heather Pieske is a New york illustrator and graphic designer and also the gifted hand behind “Wear This To That” blog, where she draws all kind of animals, from the bison to the poodle, in fanciful designer pieces.

For Maison Kitsuné, she superbly shows how much a fox, suited up in a Maison Kitsuné  Two Buttons Jacket D, Classic Shirt BD Solid and Short D from the Spring-Summer men’s collection, is impeccably dressed.

The question remains, who from the fox or the man, is the most foxy in this outfit?

Below the original images, we let you decide!

Find here the Two Buttons Jacket D, Classic Shirt BD Solid and Short D.

More fashionable animals on Heather’s blog “Wear This To That“.



Drawing Credit: Heather Pieske.