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Hold Tight For The New Kitsuné America 2 Compilation Out On April 29th!

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One year after having bitten the Big Apple’s joys with the opening of a Maison Kitsuné boutique in New York at the Nomad hotel, Kitsuné has toured throughout the States to find the cream of the crop of American musicians and is releasing its Kitsuné Parisien 2 compilation on April 29th!

True to the label compilations’ tradition, this second volume comprises ingenuous talents that are designing now tomorrow’s soundscapes, like Toro y Moi and their overhead indie pop, the loony Heartsrevolution, Theophilus London the crooner-rapper, the gigantic Gigamesh, the garage rock’n’rollers Papa, and to all the other talents featured on the album!

A melting-pot of miscellaneous tracks, which all stick to no rules but their own, borrowing here, digging deep there, and generally reaching the peaks of New York skyscrapers.

From bedrooms to the most sophisticated studios, these new sonic hybrids return for good, slowing down the beat and getting groovier with some urban vibes springing up.

As foretaste, you can download America 2′s minimix by Jerry Bouthier and find out the track list, below!

The compilation’s tracklist:

Ghost Loft – So High
TiDUS – Say It
Haerts – Wings
Theophilus London – Morning Kisses
Toro Y Moi – Say That
Chrome Sparks – Marijuana
Kent Odessa – Bo Jacksons
Alison Valentine – Circles and Triangles
Gigamesh – GOTF
Malandro – Casa Rosa (Instrumental mix edit)
Jim-E Stack – Come Between
Papa – Put Me To Work
Heartsrevolution – Pop Heart (Grand Atrium remix)
Jhameel x DWNTWN x Giraffage – Move Me

Get the first Kitsuné America compilation, or the package with Kitsuné America + Kitsuné Maison 14 compilation vynil on our webstore.

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[...] In the midst of his debut single “Seconds” and his recently released remixes, the multi-talented Danny Choi aka Ghost Loft hits us with his second single “So High”.  This song will be featured on his up-coming EP that will be dropping later this year as well as being apart of the Kitsune America 2 Compilation.. [...]

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[...] we’d like to introduce you to Ghost Loft who’s single “So High” will be the first track on Kitsuné AMERICA 2, out on April 29th ! LA-based Danny Choi (aka Ghost Loft) is onto something special. Psyched-out [...]

[...] Monday is the 29th, which means : Kitsuné AMERICA 2 will finally be released! Just one ultimate week to wait before being able to get the compilation [...]

[...] finally paid! You can stream Kitsuné AMERICA 2 at last! [...]

[...] “Move Me” will be the closing track on the forthcoming Kitsune America 2compilation, which will be available at the end of April. For full tracklisting and more info visit Kitsune’s website. [...]

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[...] in fashion, music, design and lifestyle. and The date was perfectly timed with the release of Kitsuné AMERICA 2 compilation! The party was followed up by an after party in the ‘no-photos’ venue [...]

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