Kitsuné AMERICA 2 : Chrome Sparks "Marijuana"

Chrome Sparks is sparkling a lot with his music.
Cinematic slo-mo is big… the reaction to today’s fast beats which have invaved the charts? No doubt, weed’s played its part… Chrome Sparks won’t disagree!

His track “Marijuana” is featured on Kitsuné AMERICA 2, out April 29th, a reason good enough to ask Jeremy Malvin aka Chrome Sparks three stories about himself that you never could imagine. Read them below.

Three things we shouldn’t know about Chrome Sparks :
– I was in a car chase with a man with a gun because I hit his car after a girl talk concert. It was his fault and I escaped.
– When I was born, my heart was not beating and I was not breathing. Some call that ‘dead’.
– I drink A1 sauce.

Chrome Sparks performed at our Kitsuné Party for SXSW festival, check out the photo report here!

He also played live at the Hype Hotel, watch his show below:

Perpetually on the trail of ingenuous talents designing now tomorrow’s soundscapes, trusty Kitsuné releases its new Kitsuné America 2 compilation, a diverse and quirky selection of tracks which stick to no rules but their own!

Borrowing here, digging deep there, Kitsuné found the new and unexpected sonic hybrids, which groove and urban vibes will keep you springing all Summer long!

Download for free Jerry Bouthier‘s minimix of America 2:

Watch the America 2 video teaser!