Kitsuné The Summer Party in London on June 22nd : Kitsuné meets Pyramid!

Brace yourself, Summer is coming! And what best reason to celebrate? Come on June 22nd at Village Underground, London, for our Kitsuné Club Night the Summer Party!

We concocted you a special line-up with Gildas, Jerry BouthierLindstrøm, Classixx, Punks Jump Up and Pyramid. As our Easter Special party sold out 2 weeks in advance, we can only advise you to take your tickets early, which you can do on Resident AdvisorTicketWeb, or RansomNote. Oh, and you can also join the event on Facebook.

And here is an interview we did with the Frenchie Pyramid, who collaborated on our “Parisien 3” compilation featuring his track “Wolf” and released an EP “So Far Gone” along with his buddy Crayon, enjoy!

How does it feel to share the stage with big names such as Lindstrom, Classixx, Jerry Bouthier and Gildas? 

I feel small actually ! But I’m pretty excited and a bit stressed, it’s quite a challenge to make a good mix in front of these guys ! But I just hope one thing is that the party will be good and I’ll have the chance to share a beer with all these guys

Is there any artist signed on the label you would like to collaborate with?

I really liked the melodies and sounds on Housse de Racket’s album, really my type of sound ! But I guess I’m a terrible guy to collaborate with !

Can you tell your best and worst memories on stage ?

I guess one of my best memory was Bordeaux for the atmosphere, people were crazy and I loved it, felt confident playing in front of them, or Tokyo for the experience, I think I don’t realize yet that I took a plane to go there, it really is incredible to have opportunities like these.

For the worst, easy, I played after 4 rock bands at 2AM a sunday night, in front of 3 maybe 4 drunk guys lied on the bar hahaha, that was horrible.

Tell us three things about you. 

You looked for it :

1. I used to listen a lot of Linkin Park when I was a kid

2. I started to love electronic music when I listened Moby’s Play for the 1st time

3. I used to be on a Counter Strike team a long time ago !

What’s next for you?

First step is to finish my studies, so just have 2 months and then I’ll focus on music.

Then I’ll start preparing an EP, I already have some tunes unfinished that I’d love to release so I already have the bases but before that, I have 2 remixes to be released in the next weeks, one for the band Elephanz, out 10th June, and the other one for Goldn Retriever, the guy who sang on our EP with Le Crayon, and besides that, touring and enjoy the most I can !


Village Underground, 54 Holywell Lane, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3PQ – doors opening 9:30PM