Fumi Koike, The Fancy Interiors Illustrator

Fumi Koike’s fancy canvas are as yummy as dainty!

As she’s based in Fukuoka, in Japan, we interviewed her about her handmade artworks, which smell the sweetness of a comfy home, embalmed by a morning coffee.

She also shows a great interest into food aesthetic and basic daily clothes, including notably a “fox sweater” on which we had a particular crush!

See some of Fumi‘s pretty paintings and read her interview below.


Dogs and mornings are your favorite things?

Yes. I love the appearance and gentle character of dogs snuggling up to people. A dog’s innocent figure and simple way of life is like a symbol I want to express in my illustrations. And also, the atmosphere and coziness proper to mornings.


Why this passion for dogs?

Dog was a familiar presence for since my childhood. Now I don’t have my own dog, but the dog that used to have will stay in my mind forever. And I always imagine my dreamed future with a dog.

Is it your true interior which appears on your paintings?

Some of interior are mine, but many things in my paintings are not true or it represents something I want to have.

You also draw your clothes, such as knitted pullovers, socks, shoes, jeans… why these garments in particular?

I have no idea, I like those simple clothes. I respect the polite manufacture of daily clothes and goods for life.


Winter seems to be the season you love the most. For dressing too?

Yes, I love every seasons and the changing of seasons but the atmosphere during winter is the best. I love the winter clothes.

Could you describe us your workspace?

My workspace is the small room I live in. The desk for painting is a very simple one that I made by myself.


Do you listen music when you’re creating and if yes, which bands?

Yes, I love to listening music when I am creating. I’m listening various artists… Fleet Foxes, Maps and Atlases, Chilly Gonzales, Pascal Pinon, Sharon Van etten, Joanna Newsom, Phoenix, Quruli, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Tenniscoats, Gen Hoshino, Dirty Projectors, Beach House… And more…

Which kind of small things are you collecting?

I am collecting that small stones, leaves, nuts, flowers, twigs, shells and others which I picked up on a daily basis or in the mountains.

Are you as meticulous for cooking as for painting?

Not so meticulous, but I love cooking. I often get inspired by foodstuff and scene of cooking. Sometimes I feel like I came to a deadlock in painting, so the cooking time helps me refresh my ideas.

You seem pretty involved in ecology. Could you give us easy daily tips to keep our environment green?

Power Saving, and daily think about the little nature in familiar.


Do you have other hobbies outside illustration?

I love walking around town and nature also.


We saw you like French blue cheese. Which other French specialties do you wish to have in Japan?

Yes, I love cheese. And I love French wine also. Pâté, terrine and baguette too.


Would you like to taste the coffee of our Café Kitsuné?

Of course that I would really like to taste it! I should go to Maison Kitsuné Tokyo!

Do Design Madrid

You just held an exhibition in the “Do” gallery in Madrid. Was it the first time you’re meeting your fans in real life?

Yes, it was the first time and it was very exciting.


Another upcoming similar event in Paris or somewhere else?

I’d like to have, but I don’t have such event determined for now.



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Pictures Credit: Fumi Koike.