Kotori Kawashima, The Japanese Poetic Photographer Of Our FW13-14 Lookbook

Cuteness cultivator and poetic Japanese photographer, Kotori Kawashima shot the images of the Maison Kitsuné Fall-Winter 2013 lookbook starring Kiko Mizuhara and Niels Schneider, with his well-know genuine and natural style. He artfully setted a shilly-shally love story between Kiko and Niels, while they were strolling and getting to know each other in Tokyo’s breathtaking and blossoming cityscapes, supported by the style work of Yoko Miyake.

A kawaii poetry which is proper to his photography and mostly in his well-known serie focused on the cute kid Mirai-Chan.


Picture above credit: Hamada Hideaki.



What kind of atmosphere did you want to insufflate to the Maison Kitsuné Spring-Summer 2013 lookbook?

As if dating in Tokyo!


Have you ever worked for fashion before?

It’s my first time! Thank you Yoko!


According to you, what is the most romantic place for a love walk in Tokyo?

If it is a park, it can be anywhere.



Did you enjoy to shoot Kiko Mizuhara and Niels Schneider?

Yes! Of course! They were very special!


But your favorite subject to photograph is still Mirai-Chan, isn’t it?

It is not like this. Everybody is so special!


How did you start this super-cute serie?

When I met my friend’s child, I was amazed by this creature. I wanted to take pictures of her after spending time with her during one year.


Did she enjoy to be taken in photo by you?

She was such into her life, she was not caring about the camera at all!

Today, would you like to transmit her your passion for the photography?

Yes, of course! If she is interested in photography.


What do you find such fascinating in childhood?

I dont know why… I think the children are free, it is very interesting to listen to what they say, not boring to watch them, and they are so energetic. Everyone have a childish side, so I love to find it in my friends and people I meet for work.

What are you currently working on?

I wanted to take pictures in the neighbor country Taiwan, so I studied chinese and lived there half of the month. I’m planning to complete this project by next year sometimes.


Photographs Credit: Kotori Kawashima.