HEARTSREVOLUTION new music video for "$EX" exclusively on Paper Mag!

After their riot call embodied by the release of their new EP “Ride or Die” and that you can order on iTunes but also stream on their Soundcloud, NYC duo HEARTSREVOLUTION continue on their road to revolution with their music video for “$EX” exclusively on Paper Mag! Starring JD Samson, French actress Joséphine de La Baume, model/DJ Harley Viera-Newton and a bunch of other women and girls standing up for themselves!
Before watching it, here is what Lo & Ben have to say about it :

“The video was shot in 2009 in the Lower East Side of NYC but due to our record label situation we were contractually unable to release it until now. $EX is about the daily objectification of women and girls and that moment of taking your power back. Ironically just after the Spring Breakers premiere Vanessa Hudgens and girl group Y-LA decided to “borrow” the track to rework and release it as a single. Their version is the complete opposite of what the song was/is meant to represent. When the girls in the video stand up for themselves they are given Lo’s signature neon pink eye mask showing their true colors as a “Heartsrevolutionary””

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