Kitsuné Soleil Mix 2 : focus on Jerry Bouthier!

Lately, we did a little focus on a few artists featured on our Kitsuné Soleil Mix 2 but today it’s about one of the two masterminds behind your summer soundtrack that we’re talking about!

Here come 3 things you didn’t know about Jerry Bouthier that you can read while listening to his minimix or is 100% JBAG mix!

Music = Soleil
“The sun brings life – just like music. So to be able to conceive mixes around the Soleil theme is almost a dream come true. It’s such a vibrant, universal feeling. It’s exciting to look out for tracks that will fit the bill well. You don’t want to be too obvious, it’s fun to place unusual or surprising interpretations in the mix (as long as you can mix them). It’s like the brief for a fashion show. You’re looking for tracks to paint a picture that’s defined by an idea or subject, so you’re chasing that impression in anything you’re listening to.”

“I like clothes and dressing-up, I started at school and never stopped since. I was attracted to Kitsuné from day one – I didn’t even know Gildas and Masaya then. That way of combining music, clothes and lifestyle talked to me. I think without knowing it I was looking for that kind of modern approach… The company is now bigger than ever but a certain human spirit prevails: it’s nice to be cool, but it’s cool to be nice too.”

“Andrea and I have been making music a while as JBAG and it’s starting to pay off. We’re like music brothers, we understand each other almost without words in the studio. We like many things and are happy to experiment when we can. Our new single ‘Mogadisco’ is our ode to hedonism.”

Now, you can order Kitsuné Soleil Mix 2  on iTunes or on our webstore featuring “Mogadisco” which music video you can watch just below: