Years & Years new EP "Traps" out on Kitsuné September 9th + exclusive stream on the Guardian!

Years & Years are a quintet from London, combining synth and electronica above guitars and drums, the whole thing enhanced by Olly Alexander‘s soft yet powerful voice. Self-described as “warm analogue meets cold digital”, Years & Years’ sound is an immaculate display of infectious, minimal electronic-speckled pop. Their first EP “I Wish I Knew” laid the foundations for their new one “Traps”, out September 9th on Kitsuné.

With two original tracks and remixes by AttackAttackAttack and Armeria,”Traps” was conceived in the band’s recent retreat from London to a remote cabin on a secluded Sussex seafront, where the band spent time writing new material on a diet of 60s soul, analogue synths and Seinfeld. It resulted in a masterful juxtaposition between delicate melodies and driving rhythms.

You can also stream the eponym track and check out what The Guardian thinks about it!

Now, chile waiting for this gold nugget that will take you far away through its tripping pop music, you can check out their teaser video.