Perfume, Sir? – A Journey Through Sensations

Our friends at DesignMarketo are working on it again; if in London this week—check this out:

Perfume, Sir? is an exhibition/shop/bar/restaurant/workshop by our friends at DesignMarketo.

It kicked in Tuesday night at 7pm until Saturday the 20th—it opens for 4 days only during the London Design Festival and is coinciding with the end of the Fashion Week. It’s your unique chance to discover the synesthesic experience they will offer—they teamed up with LeLabo and their Poivre23 perfume and are bringing their latest commissions of objects inspired by Pepper from designers Arlette Ess, Chiara Onida & AUT, Lex Pott, Odd Matter, Peter Marigold, Pia Wustenberg and Zaven—all inspired by Pepper; Maurizio Stochetto will be preparing 2 signature drinks along his classic Negroni at the bar.


On Wednesday and Friday, The Golden Canteen will open: it will offer you an exploration of the multiple tastes and sensations related to peppercorns (booking in advance seems essential).
On Saturday, food designer Jacopo Sarzi will join them to run the now famous Ice Sculpting and Cocktail Making Workshop—it’s  a peppery twist on the one set originally for Ferran Adria and the El Bulli exhibition at Somerset House in July.
It is a short week full of exciting things to touch, to see, to taste, to smell…More details, here:

Week schedule:


Tuesday 17th at 7pm:  Opening Party at Perfume, Sir?


Wednesday 18th 7.30pm and Friday 20th 7.30pm:  The Golden Canteen


Saturday 5pm:  Ice Sculpting and Cocktail Making workshop


Extra: Bar Alto opens at Perfume, Sir? everyday at 5pm until Saturday


Perfume, Sir? 


28 Redchurch Street E2 7DP — London