The Ama Project x André

Deeply touched by the catastrophic  earthquake and tsunami which hit and devastated Japan’s east coas on March 11, 2011, the Ama Project went to Minami Sanriku which lost most of its population and decided to try to help victims of the region. Through the Ama Project, the victims who lost their family and homes create handmade bracelets, these pieces are available in three feminine and fine designs on their website.

Kitsuné’s long term friend André designed the logo of the Ama project, giving it a soulful touch.

Maison Kitsuné has Japan within its roots and it was a great honnor for us to participate in such a projet and therefore, these bracelets will be available  the whole duration of ‘The Dream Concerts Art Show’ at Maison Kitsuné Tokyo.

All the proceeds will go directly towards  helping  the victims.

Look at all the designs:

Ama Project Bracelet

Ama Project Bracelet

Ama Project Bracelet

Ama Project Logo drawn by André