Kitsuné Maison 15 : focus on Go Wolf – "Voices"

After Antimatter People, it’s Go Wolf‘s turn for our focuses on the artists featured on the awaited compilation: Kitsuné Maison 15 out on October 21st and gathering pop gold nuggets!

Their track ‘Voices’ expresses a freshening juvenile pop touch, which effortlessly hits the target. California’s dreaming without overdoing it, to put it in a nutshell! Now, to learn more about them, we ask the quator what they’d be if they were…

a song – The Ronettes – Be My Baby
a decade – best parts of the 90’s, worst parts of the 50’s
a colour – Eggshell Blue
a season – Indian Summer
a city – New York
an animal – a Beluga Whale
an item – a Gameboy
a cocktail – an Old-Fashioned
a dish – a doublechessburger and fries
a motto – “If a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she’s late” (Holden

Of course, you can still listen to the minimix by Jerry Bouthier :