Singer, model and actress, Heather Boo is one of  Maison Kitsuné Summer/Spring 2014 collection’s New Wave dreamer but she’s above all a true New-Yorker.

She took photographer Henrik Purienne in a stroll around the City, her City.


It’s time for us to be a little sneaky and ask her too many questions and for you to discover her !


 ‘Boo’ is a pseudonym right ? Where does it come from ?

Yes, Boo is technically a made up name but I feel very close to it, sometimes more than my real name. It’s a name that comes from my childhood. When I was 13 my friends began calling me Heathy Boo. I’m not sure why, perhaps it was based on a lower Manhattan dialect, but I quite enjoyed the name. As I grew older Heather Boo over Heathy Boo made more sense….it was more mature. There are some that still call me Heathy Boo.


After getting your hands on modeling, photography, music ; what’s next to conquer ?

I’m not your regular girl next door and I surely don’t feel like one. I would say I am adventurous.I often feel like I could do anything!

Honestly I think it’s going to take me a long time to fully conquer music so I haven’t begun to think of what’s next on the agenda, but thinking about it I would say traveling. I am so distracted by New York City that I can’t even get away to the rest of the world. If I could go anywhere it would be to an isolated island with copious amounts of fruit, vast views, and the sound of streams running.


We saw your face for Maison Kitsuné before, when you were living in Paris. Is New-York your home now ?

New York City has always been my home. I was born on 16th street and 1st avenue at Beth Israel Hospital. I grew up in the West Village and live there today. I could introduce you to twenty worthy New Yorkers below the age of twenty in a matter of thirty minutes. It’s very much my town and I admit I am proud.


What are your 3 favorite hang out spots in the City ?

One place that I absolutely love and will never stop loving is the west side river. It’s a good place to get away from the hustle and bustle. The second place is Puerto Rico coffee shop. They have the finest brewed coffee for as cheap as one dollar. It’s good quality coffee, located on the lovely Bleecker St. and comfortable benches rest in front. The third place is Soho at night. It’s empty compared to the day yet safe and you can walk around like you’re in Paris.


What does New York – New Wave mean to you ?

New York-New Wave sounds a lot like something new and different in the big city. It does feel like there’s literally a new wave of everything coming to New York.

To me New York-New Wave is the clashing of forms for the sake of hybrid artistic experience. It could mean an overly stylized sense of image or self, but it could be a way of thinking that allows for a lot of play. It’s almost about mixing fiction with reality.

«  A passionate dreamer – that’s all I want to be » we heard you mention in the Maison Kitsuné spring/summer 2014 video.

 Could you tell us a bit more ?

To passionately dream is to passionately live. People use to tell me to stop dreaming and start living, but I found that when I let myself go I began truly living. Dreams influence huge realities every day and I only want to continue to grow as a dreamer. Without dreams where would we be creatively? Our minds can go further than the horizon and I would never want to waste such a gift.


Do you have a motto ?

Recently it has been ‘Live everyday like it’s your last’.


If we catch you on an off day, what is your go-to outfit ?

My go-to outfit is a pair of jeans and a long trench coat with slip on shoes.


What should a New-Yorker never be caught wearing ?

A New- Yorker should never be caught wearing nothing.

You got to wear some Maison Kitsuné S/S14 pieces in avant-premiere ! What was your favorite look ?

My favorite look was the Jacquard suit and shorts!

The suit felt like something I could wear anywhere from a cafe to a walk in the park, to a dance party at Maison O.


If you could only take one item on a deserted Island, what would it be ?

A guitar.

We hear you’re making music with another cool chick (Emma). Could you tell us a bit more about your project ? 

I grew up with Emma, it’s like making music with your other half. Her and I began playing guitar, we took the same lessons and later we both became songwriters. I found singing was more of my ultimate passion and for Emma it was guitar playing. Forming The Boo’s was the best thing we ever did. We write music constantly and all we want to do is continue to grow. Our goal is to create something the whole world can relate to. There’s nothing more beautiful than creating with the one you love.

Check out this video of The Boos