Kitsuné New Faces – New Compilation !

The Kitsuné Family is getting bigger, it is time for us to enter a new era; start 2014 fresh of new begining and New Faces !

Introducing this season’s as-yet-undiscovered hot tickets, Kitsuné gets younger than ever on Kitsuné New Faces, its latest compilation out Now ! 

Kitsuné New Faces does exactly what it says on the cover: singling out the talents currently breaking through in music and giving them the platform they deserve.

Continuously challenging expectations and pushing the envelope, Kitsuné is keen to reinvent itself and let its artists take the lead. Ears have got sharpened and fine-tuned with time and a kind of maturity is starting to show up.

Courageously Kitsuné’s logic remains that it feels more exciting to experiment with new paths than to constantly rehash the same thing. It might not be crossover time just yet, but the French brand certainly isn’t shy about embracing its time and the technology developments that come with it. With its cute artwork dedicated to all the foxes out there Kitsuné New Faces is the perfect compilation;  original, varied and tuneful.

So turn up the volume and let yourself be conquered by these fresh hit makers!

The compilation streams exclusively on Dazed and confused for 3 days – Give it a listen down here: 



  2. GALLANT « Sirens»
  3. LXURY « Never Love»
  4. SOLOMON GREY « Last Century Man»
  5. SOUTHERN « Shout It»
  6. YEARS & YEARS « Real»
  7. GEORGE FITZGERALD « I Can Tell By The Way You Move »
  8. PANDA«EightyNine »
  9. HYETAL «Jam The Network»
  10. SUPERFOOD « Bubbles »
  11. SNAKADAKTAL « The Sun II »
  12. CLANCY « Overdue » (edit)
  13. KILO KISH « Turquoise »
  14. ROSIE LOWE « Me & Your Ghost »

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