Frontman from The Drums, Jonny Pierce is one of  Maison Kitsuné Spring/Summer 2014 collection’s New Wave dreamer and an inspired artist.
We met and bugged him with a few questions :
From a pastor’s son singing in choir to a rock band lead, there seems to be a long way to go. How did it happen ?


Well to be frank, I don’t believe in the divine. I’ve run away from all that nonsense but still –  I have become my father, in a sense. We both hold a microphone for a living, but our messages are perfectly opposite. His message is a set of rules, mine is freedom.


What’s your story with Maison Kitsuné. The drums have already been featured on our compilations right ?


Maison Kitsune’ were instrumental in the early stages of The Drums career and offered to help me with my solo work as well. I remember we were getting great buzz as we were just forming and then the MK compilation came out and we definitely sensed a huge spike in excitement from that moment on. Grateful, I am.



After five years with The Drums, you felt the need to branch out and do a solo project. What was your feelings going into this project ?


Well, It’s still being tweaked and twisted. I initially wrote a couple personal tracks for it, but overall it was a little too abstract emotionally, and I want every word to count from this moment forward- wether it leans towards sales or not, I’ll take the chance. It will see the  light of day soon, I’m sure.


Is this your first modeling job ? How did it feel ?


Well I am most certainly not a model! But I like photographs and I like being photographed. I will be unpleasantly old for the rest of my life, so why not take some vanity shots while the skin is still smooth. I can always look back and say “well, I wasn’t as repulsive as I am now!”



 You were the first to be able to wear Maison Kitsuné spring/summer 2014 collection. What is your favorite piece ?


I love the teddy jacket, which was obviously inspired by me – along with every other teddy jacket that is making the rounds in high-end retail.


 In the video, we hear you say that you hate dressing up. What is your go-to outfit ?


Leather Bomber works with any outfit. I’ve starting wearing the same thing every day for a month. I like when one falls into a uniform.


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