Kitsuné Talk: Yasmine Eslami

Maison Kitsuné is pleased to announce the renewal of their collaboration with the talented Parisian stylist and lingerie designer, Yasmine Eslami. We met her with a few questions :


Hello Yasmine !

Kitsuné Journal would like to know a bit more about the genesis of your brand. How and why did you choose lingerie ?

I have always liked lingerie and it’s a bit like getting to work backstage in the fashion industry, thing that I get to do as a stylist for runway shows or as a consultant.

If you could qualifie your creations in 3 words, what would they be ?


Tough one ! I’d say Fashion, Sexy and Happy !


To your mind, how does your artistic touch fit so well with Maison Kitsuné’s history inspirations and savoir-faire ?



We both share the care for quality; make timeless pieces with a fashion and edgy twist.

What inspires you the most when designing a collection ?

So many things ! My friends, colours, everything I see actually !


According to you, who is the Maison Kitsuné woman ?


A parisian who travels a lot, especially to Tokyo.



What’s your favorite piece of the capsule ?


Tough to choose as they are all ‘sets’. I honestly like the 3 colors – each one has its girl ! White for Jeanne, Blue for Alice and Burgundy with a 70’s touch for Charlotte.