BeatauCue’s New EP Kyllan Out Now !

BeatauCue is back to make you bounce with their new EP “Kyllan” out today on Kitsuné!

For their seventh release on Kitsuné, the French duo presents two very sunny tracks: first, “Kyllan” which subtly matches nervous parts and slower sections, gradually building up to a higher tempo. Then comes “Lovato” a track tinted of dance sounds, almost popy, perfect for the dancefloor!

The two tracks are backed by no less than 4 remixes of the eponym track: while JoeFarr offers a dark and techno version of it, Belarbi‘s one is more dancey. The EP also includes a smooth and groovy version by Asa, and an excellent remix by the Montréal pair: Prince Club.

BeatauCue will be playing at the Kitsuné Club Night Easter Party in London on April 19th, as well as a bunch of other shows, soon to be announced. Don’t miss them!

Get the EP now ! 

Artwork by McBess

Listen to Beataucue – Kyllan (Belarbi Remix) which premiered on Wonderland Mag in free download : 

Watch “Kyllan” teaser :

You can order exclusively “Kyllan” on Beatport 

Video credit : Dimitri Stolbowsky

Enjoy a free download of their exclusive track “Evola” :

Listen to the minimix :

 In the meantime, discover Beataucue’s sound 


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