Kitsuné Talk : Emanuele Fontanesi

It’s all about spring and cherry blossoms !


The Japanese traditional custom refers to the blooming of cherry blossom trees  as “sakura”, that’s why we called Maison Kitsuné new capsule collection as the same name.


We met Emanuele Fontanesi, who shot the “Sakura” campaign:


Your name is giving us a taste of Italy ! Where are you from Emanuele ?

Montecchio Emilia, an 8 thousands people village in the north of Italy


Who would you dream to capture ?

No one in particular



What is your favorite camera ? 

I don’t really have a favorite per say.  The Contax G2 is my go to camera these days, it’s very rare that I shoot but I rarely shoot with silver film.  I have a Nikon D800 that gives out files I can work with and touch up easily.



Your place to be in Paris? 


The Saint Gervais café, Rue vieille du temple.


Sakura is the time of Cherry blossom trees in Japan. How does it inspire you ?


The cherry trees make me think of my mother who got really sick when she was 14 from having eaten too much of cherries from the cherry tree she had in her garden !
There is a “tragic” side but also a very poetic one; a 14 year old girl climbing on top of a tree and taking the liberty to eat out as much cherries as she wanted. In our day and age, I can’t really imagine a 14 year old girl doing that, and it’s mainly due to the nefast traits of our society, social media …
To make a long story short, the time of Sakura makes me think of a lost paradise.


Maison Kitsuné capsule collection “Sakura”.