Maison Kitsuné is pleased to highlight its exclusive high quality denim, which has become a must over the seasons.

Made in Japan, this precious cotton denim is created by one of the world’s most sophisticated denim manufacturers.

For this special denim, the craftsmanship is equally as important as the design. With this in mind, Maison Kitsuné has perfected the balance between weight and weaving to provide a unique fit once worn.

Regarding its rendering, whether opting for a purely raw pair or one treated with a special washout, this denim always looks natural and only improves over time.

Maison Kitsuné always takes a great care when working with this beautiful fabric, so that it is well-designed, finely crafted and perfectly finished.

In a truly unique fashion, Maison Kitsuné has included in men’s denim jeans a tricolor tag patched on the right back pocket and inside red and blue salvage, discreet details which remind of its French heritage.

Using the highest of standards, partners and materials, Maison Kitsuné denim is a point of pride for founders and artistic directors, Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, and is always a perfect fit.


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