Sky Ferreira, New York – New Wave – New Dreamer

Model, singer and song-writer, Sky Ferreira strikes the pose for Maison Kitsuné Spring/Summer 2014 New York – New Wave with Jonny Pierce and Heather Boo. 

Discovered in 2010 with her single “One“, Sky Ferreira is back with her first album called “Night Time, My Time” with an explicit art cover signed by Gaspard Noé. Currently on tour,  Sky took time to answer a few questions for the Kitsuné Journal.

Everything is embarrassing really ?

Brooklyn is now home to you; do you still remain a California girl at heart?

I think every California girl remains a California girl for the rest of their life. Even though I consider New York my home and moved here almost 5 years ago, I still walk as slow & have the mentality as someone who grew up at Venice Beach.


Your first album “Night time, My time”, already out in the US,  is about the hit the European charts.  How does it feel ? 

I’ve never been able to release something internationally so I’m extremely excited. It’s been a huge goal of mine because a lot,if not most of my fans are from other countries than America. They won’t have to steal the songs from YouTube & can have the recordings in it’s true form and quality.


If we catch you on a typical day, what is your outfit of choice?

I’m pretty all over the place. I dress in whatever I feel comfortable in. I don’t like my clothes to wear me.


What are your favorite hang-out spots in New-York and Paris?

At home, I don’t go out often since I’m never home. I usually just drive around with my boyfriend and I love Angelika theater & Kim’s video store. In Paris, I usually hang out at Hotel Amour because I usually have to meet most of my friends in Paris there. Gaspar Noe always takes me to the best places. He took me to Le Comptoir General & now I always go with my band.

Do you have a motto? 

No, I try not to live by mottos.

What is your favorite Maison Kitsuné piece you got to wear during the shoot?

The sunglasses. I collect sunglasses and always wear them onstage. They are the cure to stage fright.