Maison Kitsuné x Inlab – Creativity Beyond Limits

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Thinking outside the box, breaking bounderies of creation and looking ahead; that is what the INLAB kids did for a full semester in collaboration with Maison Kitsuné.


INLAB (Insight Lab) is a new type of initiative kicked off by the Art Center College of Design of Pasadena.
Comprised of a group of elite students across a variety of fields of study (graphic design, advertising, photo, film, interactive, illustration, and transmedia), INLAB is a 14-week project-based creative/experimental studio operating as a R&D lab, working with the new approach of investigative branding to reveal new opportunities for the collaborating partners.


Maison Kitsuné had the opportunity to start off  the first INLAB project.


In the beginning of Fall 2013, creative director and program lead – Guillaumme Wolf approached Gildas Loaec, co-founder of Maison Kitsuné to teach a Master Class in Pasadena, to present his vision of the brand and how it came about.


Over three months of explorations, students observed and analyzed the brand to uncover uncharted territories. On a conceptual level, INLABers discovered that the Maison Kitsuné is a brand about youth. Not youth as an age demographic, but youth as an ideal.


Based on this insight, INLABers designed a suite of projects framed around the idea of a pop-up store.


This unique experience was a give and take for Maison Kitsune and those overly talented kids; creating new concepts, inspiration, products, goodies, displays, and more !
Come over to discover a few of these projects in the Pop Up Store Maison Kitsuné will be holding during Coachella at the Roosevelt Hotel ! 


The interactive hanging rack is a concept for the future retail experience.