BEAÛ – Kitsuné America 3

As previously announced, we’re hitting the road with the third episode of the Kitsuné America compilation on June 2nd!

After bringing you an exclusive extract with Seattle-based duo NAVVI, it’s now time to introduce you to BEAÛ. Two girls, two voices and an appetite for taking over the world.

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Discover this second featured track delivered by the New York natives:


Have you done a road trip in your life ? if so whereabouts ? If not, where would you like to go?

YES YES AND YES. The first road trip we ever took was with Ryan McGinley back in the summer of 2012. That trip was called Southern Oasis because we passed through and lived in many southern states. It was an extremely sweaty trip as well because we were down South in the summer. To name a few of those places:  North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and Alabama. The further south we went the thicker the southern accents became, the hotter the sun burned, and the greater the adventures grew. We went swimming with alligators, climbing through kudzu (which is home to every vicious bug in the book) and found ourselves in the middle of what looked like mars but what was really sand dunes. During this whole experience we were naked with only boots to keep our feet from bleeding or being eaten away by red fire ants. We would do it all over again if we could.

The second road trip we went on was more classic and focused on exploration rather than art. We travelled from New York City all the way to San Francisco stopping in as many places as possible.

The beauty of the trip was getting to experience it with my best friend Emilie Aström, My Lover Christopher Landon and his best friend Steven. One New Yorker, One Swede, and two New Zealanders. The trip was incredibly scenic from the endless roads in Texas, to the perfectly patterned cactus in Nevada, to the great and grand canyon in Arizona. We took route 1 up to San Francisco from the bottom of California and I have never seen such beautiful cliffs melting onto the shore of the Pacific Ocean like I did on that trip.

What made route 1 so unreal was the mist floating above and around us the entire way. The boys drove us the entire way and at first it seemed like it would be easy, but I assure you it is the longest drive of your life. They deserve every ounce of respect for taking us there. The last thing to mention is Nashville, Tennessee where music is the bread and butter of their livelihood. After seeing music bring Nashville alive we understood why music is a religion for some people. Every single bar had a live concert going on and it just brought us all pure joy. Memphis also had a similar tone to it, except with soul and blues instead of plane country music. We loved Memphis for it’s bluegrass and we even got to visit Elvis Presley’s home. When I think of that road trip my heart sinks.

Everyone deserves to experience a road trip, and in some cases needs it.

What would be the soundtrack of your road trip ?

The Smiths, Mazzy Star, The Rolling Stones, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, The Strokes, Jimi Hendrix, The Veils, The Talking Heads, The Moody Blues, Lou Reed, The Antlers, BB King, Chris Isaack, CocoRosie, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Clash, Van Morrison, Billy Holiday, Blondie and most of all Neil Young.

To pick songs would drive us crazy so we just gave you artists . Pretty much every song, every poem and every album was listened to.

The Beatles aren’t in there because somehow we managed to miss them, but we would put them in there too.

If you could only take one thing on a road trip with you, what would it be ? 

Our lovers, a blank notebook and an acoustic guitar.