NAVVI – Kitsuné America 3

Ready to hit the road? On June 2nd we’ll be travelling across the US with a brand new Kitsuné America 3 compilation!

Spotlight first on the Seattle-based duo NAVVI formed of Kristin Henry as the vocalist and Brad Boettger as the producer/multi- instrumentalist. A glamorous Gothic project that builds an ever-changing bridge between experimental and accessible soundscapes.

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Have a glimpse of their work and listen to the featured track “Speak” premiered on Brooklyn Vegan !


Have you done a road trip in your life ? if so whereabouts ? If not, where would you like to go?

Brad: Yup, from the Midwest to Seattle when I decided to move here. I’d like to road trip through Canada someday soon.

Kristin: My parents owned a Winnebago when I was a kid, so we did a ton of road trips. My favorite one was driving down the west coast; gorgeous views of the pacific coastline.

What would be the soundtrack of your road trip ?

Brad: I’m torn between the entire M83 discography or NIN The Fragile. Just something cinematic.

Kristin: A playlist alternating between hip hop and post-rock. Spank Rock to The Album Leaf to Kanye West to Explosions in the Sky, etc.

If you could only take one thing on a road trip with you, what would it be ? 

Brad: Cliff bars.

Kristin: A case of Red Bull, for safety reasons.