Kitsuné Talk : Shinichi Osawa x Beataucue

Just in a week time, we were glad to announce the release of both Beataucue’s “Kyllan” and Shinichi Osawa’s “Breaking Through The Night” EPs.

As they’ve already teamed up before on the French duo’s “Falcon Punch” EP, we’ve invited all three of them to answer some of our questions!

Download Shinichi Osawa “Breaking Through The Night” EP Minimix

Download Beataucue “Kyllan” EP Minimix

When listening to each other’s EPs, what feeling comes instantly?

Beataucue: “Breaking Through The Night” sounds raw and make us wanna dance.

Shinichi Osawa: When listening to “Kyllan”, I thought they were embracing a new style.

Both EPs definitely put us in a dance mood! How about you?

B: “BTTN” definitely puts us in a dance mood. The track is made for the dancefloor and is pretty effective.

SO: Dance music has diversified so much. Honestly I don’t really know “what’s what” anymore. lol

Out of the remixes featured on both EPs, which one is your favourite? Why?

B: The Korgbrain remix because it’s great warm up music

SO: My favorite is the JoeFarr Remix. Because it follows a 4/4 beat the most and I like that it has little eccentric fills.

Which three adjectives come to mind when listening to each other’s EP?

B: Raw, effective and intense


Looking back at your last collaboration on the track ‘H.O.W.L’, it seems that your beats get along pretty well huh? Ready for another round?

B: It was definitely a great experience to make a track with Shinichi! He is very skilled to find techno melodies and to make great sounding raw synths. I remember the process was fast. Of course we’re ready for another round!

SO: Yes, we get along so I’d love to work together again.

Listen to Beataucue & Shinichi Osawa collaborative track “H.O.W.L”

Grab Shinichi Osawa “Breaking Through The Night” on iTunes

Grab Beataucue “Kyllan” EP on iTunes