The Swiss – New EP "In The City" out NOW !

This year, summer is coming sooner with The Swiss and their new release “In the City” out on April 21st!

The australian duo are back with their regular tricks to make you dance one foot in the current electro-dance scene and the other in vintage funk, offering us efficient melodies, colourful riffs and great disco vibes.

This EP contains 3 originals tracks which are a real cocktail of musical genres that takes us in the hype club of an ancient city and some efficient combo bass/electro-beat combo backed by heady synths riffs.

In addition to these 3 originals songs come 2 remixes and an instrumental version of “In The City”. Cutting down the tempo, Luke Million makes us rediscover the song in a sensual way with 1980’s and beachy sounds…

Get your copy of “In The City” now available on iTunes !

Give it a listen as it premiered on Clash !

Flashback with their mythic track “Kiss to Kiss”:

Daily disco-phase with their featured track “Antiquities”: