“Life is Boring”!  Say it with smile and more colors !

For their five-year anniversary, the Spring/Summer 2014 Kitsuné Tee collection effectively fuses fashion, music and art to introduce the most dynamic array of products yet. Taking inspiration from the bands of the 90’s, one of the most diverse and explosive musical decades of all time, Kitsuné Tee offers this season a rock-and-roll roster of new items.

The classic tees, featuring “Je suis allé au college Kitsuné”, “Parisien”, and “Fox Ears” prints, are reimagined with new flashy colors and higher quality of mottled cotton. New basics are also introduced, featuring only a small signature Kitsuné Tee logo, as a blank canvas giving free rein to imagination. The “Kitsuné Tee & Music” offer is renewed, including three original models of T-shirts with print designs highly inspired by the Kitsuné label’s news.

As previously, the collection proposes unisex pieces but offers in addition this season, more specific women’s fits.

And since no Kitsuné Tee collection would be complete without the help of our talented friends, for Spring/Summer 2014, the French graffiti artist André, the French fashion illustrator Carine Brancowitz, and the New York-based band of pop music, HeartsRevolution, infuse the collection with their unique creative illustrations. Exploring the theme of 90s music, each artist brings to life their associations with this iconic decade with three exclusive print de- signs available in tees and sweaters.

The Kitsuné Tee collection is available on our online shop !

Her : Brand Tag zipped hoodie / HEARTSREVOLUTION tee / Brand Tag jogging pants

Him: Parisien Reversed sweater / Canvas sneakers

Her : HEARTSREVOLUTION tee / Canvas sneakers

Him: HEARTSREVOLUTION sweaterCanvas sneakers

Her : Denim skirtCanvas sneakers

Him : “Je suis allé au collège Kitsuné” sweater  / Bermuda Shorts / Canvas sneakers

Her : “I wanna be” tee  / Canvas sneakers

Him : “I wanna be” tee / Canvas sneakers

Her: “Je suis allé au collège Kitsuné” tee / Denim short / Canvas sneakers

Him: Bermuda shortsCanvas sneakers