Kitsuné talk – Danglo

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Three days before the release of his debut EP ‘Spotlight’, we’ve asked England’s bass newcomer, Danglo, about his hometown, his dream party and naturally his music.


We know you as a London-based producer – what’s your favourite area in London?
There can’t be just one area I like the most. It’s the diversity of London that makes it so great. It has to be the whole thing I’m afraid!


When did you start making music?
I started playing guitar at about 8 and then stepped on up to the Playstation game “Music 2000” when I was 10.


You played at the Maison Kitsuné x SOTO Party in Berlin: did you like the city vibes? 
The SOTO party was great fun. There was a bloody great thunder storm half an hour before the show, I was worried no-one was going to be there. But there was. And when it started to rain again, everyone had to huddle under a gazebo. I turned the volume up to drown out the storm and it actually created a better atmosphere I think! I was then privileged to see the Germany V Brazil game surrounded by loads of Germans (and one Brazilian : / ).


I’ve been working on a number of tracks over the last 9 months, I’ve been working a lot with full Verse/Chorus songs, some have been at a club tempo, others have been slower, I’m still experimenting with sounds and ideas. So with this EP I wanted to show what I’m thinking, where I’m headed. My song based housey stuff, my slower jams and a my club tracks all somehow fitting onto one E.P.


For your track ‘Drifter’, you’ve teamed up with Estonian jazz singer Liisi Koikson and producer Sander Mölder. How did this collaboration happen?
Sander Molder is an old friend I studied with back in Brighton. He lives back in Tallinn now. I’ve made a fair few tracks with him (“Call To Reason” and “Introverse”). I was in Tallinn sitting in Sander’s studio whilst he helped mix a Liisi Koikson song. Liisi studies in London so we agreed to meet up. I felt it made sense to get her on a track me and Sander had worked on in Estonia. And there it is… Drifter was born!


What would be your dream venue?

My dream venue is my mate’s flat in Limehouse, Cable Street Studios. Just a big old house party with all your favourite people and a ramshackle sound system. After the fourth party he ‘got a warning’ so we can’t do them anymore. So the dream is no neighbours. Oh, and maybe add a sunny day and a swimming pool.
Order ‘Spotlight’ EP – Stream the EP’s single ‘Spotlight’ – Stream one of the EP’s track ‘Forget You’ – Download the EP’s minimix