Kitsuné Talk: We Are From L.A !

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After giving you 24 hours of happy with Pharrell William’s video, directors’ duo Pierre and Clément alias We Are From L.A. came by Café Kitsuné Paris to have coffee and answer a few questions.

We Are From L.A. created the most viewed advertising in the world with Baby & Me for Evian, they innovated with the videoclip I love you so by Cassius. Both conserved the french tradition with their crazy ideas.

Pierre and Clément are already part of the Kitsuné Family as they directed CITIZENS!’ video for “True Romance”

« We are from L.A. », you are really from France. So where does this name come from ?
We came up with this name during a drunken party. Everything started with Natalie Portman, after that it just drifted … 


You went out to Los Angeles to film a 24h video clip for Pharrell Williams – a crazy concept!  What is the creative process behind it?
We had the idea to make a 24 hours interactive video in the back burner for a while. 
Our goal was to give viewers an infinite content with a 24h video made of sequence shots that never ends because it loops over and over again.
We have been given the chance to pitch the idea to Pharrell for his track “Happy” and after that, everything got on really quickly. Two weeks later, we were in L.A. to prepare the shoot.


Your creations are always very interactive. Could you talk to us a bit more about this desire ?
Interactivity is a precious way to immerge the audience in music, have them become actors of the video they’re watching.
Interactivity is one of the only ways to allow a playful appropriation of music. Plus, we are only at the begining of this medium, everything is left to do; with each project it feels like we are making progress, walking towards the future and it’s kicky! 
As a directors duo, does each of you have a specific role on set or do you do everything together ?
We don’t really define roles for each other, we adapt in real time.
We speak together very often, to make sure that each decision that’s undertake results from a mutual evidence.
You recently worked with Benjamin Millepied on a live show. Is this the start of an expansion from directing to more alive projects ?
We are eager to continue working on live objects; with the large improvement of the internet flow, it’s now a lot easier and feasable to have fun !
With Benjamin we worked on having the dance integrated within a mix of video and real spaces. It was so interesting and we really hope we’ll get to work with Benjamin in the upcoming months…
What are your favorite hang out spots in Paris ?
Carmen, Maurice-set, Fantome … and the Café kitsuné of course !  
How was the coffee at Café Kitsuné ?
Cool place, cool decor, delicious coffee !