Kitsuné Talk : Kilo Kish

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After releasing Kilo Kish first EP ‘Across’ yesterday, the time has come for Kitsuné Journal to sit with our cute Fall/Winter 2014 lady.

We talked music, fashion and somehow her creative mind – Read all about it !


How did music come into your life?

Pretty much by accident, I had a roommate in college, Smash Simmons, who had an at home studio set up where I would fool around. Then eventually I met up with Matt Martians from the Internet and he really helped me to explore my own thing more with my first stab at music, the homeschool ep.


“Across” : A meaningful title ?

Yeah I always thought that word has so much movement and can mean so many things. It’s taken from the cross country drive I did last summer where I was hoping to cross into some other place geographically and mentally.


This EP is a 8-track piece. Which message are you trying to communicate with this EP?

It’s the truest and most straightforward music I’ve ever made. I was trying to communicate the ups and downs in my thinking process while traveling a symbolic road. across america, across growing up. I was trying to communicate movement. And how being in your twenties (or any other age) is not necessarily about moving forward or backward, just across.


You had tracks featured on two Kitsuné compilations, you appear on our Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook and you’re about to release your debut EP “Across”. You’re definitely part of the Maison Kitsuné family now ! How does it feel ?

I love Kitsuné! Its actually a perfect fit. I love that you’re always interested in finding and discovering new and interesting music. I’ve also shot campaigns with a lot of brands and the clothes are cool, but it never really feels like ME, but with kitsune I really love everything. I really want everything! And I can’t wait to work together more, such an awesome team of creatives.


You shot the Maison Kitsuné lookbook in London, far from your [LA] home. What’s your favorite and least favorite things about this city ?

My favorite and least favorite part of London is how grey and damp it seems when i’ve been there. I love a good rainy day every now and then, but also need a lot of sun as not to get depressed. I think I would make some very moody music there, which could be cool!


What’s your must have for a casual winter outfit? 

I love a good cable knit sweater or a fluffy furry pastel sweater. If it’s not too cold I like a nice leather motorcycle jacket and a loose pant.


Complete the sentence: “You should never go out of the house without…” 

…stay inside and eat pizza.


Maison Kitsuné is all about Music, Fashion and Parties – Who would you : listen to, wear, hang out with ?

Listen to : Michael Jackson
Wear : Maison Kitsuné, A.P.C., FUBU, Christopher Kane, Chanel
Hang out with : Soulja Boy, Katt Williams, Mike Epps

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