Kitsuné Talk: Eli & Fur

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With the release of Davidian’s brand new EP ‘Could Never’, rising duo Eli & Fur have marked once again their territory in the house and bass music world.

Name ?
Eli Noble
Jennifer Skillman

Age ?
24 and 25

Location ?

You should never go out of the house without … ?
Fur: My Housekeys
Eli: Ha, apart from my house keys, probably my clothes.

If you had a time machine, which era would you choose ?
Fur: The 80s, Depeche Mode-Shake The Disease
Eli:  The idea of time travel scares me, I would only go if I could come back. I think London in the 1970s would be a really interesting time period to visit. Or I would go forward 500 years, it’s crazy to think what things would be like.

Choose you perfect combo: listen to … ? Hang out with … ? Wear … ?
Fur:  listen to M. ono-Holding Back California , hang out with my Dog Echo, wear something comfortable

Eli: Listen to House and Hip Hop, hang out with my sister, wear… Ive always wanted to try on that latex outfit  that Miley wore for the VMAs

What is Eli&Fur’s next big project?
We are making a lot of new music at the moment! Obviously we have the Kitsune track with Davidian which is exciting. Our next release is on Anjunadeep and it’s a track called Feel The Fire which is out in October.

‘Could Never feat. Eli & Fur’ EP out now on Kitsuné! Order your copy here