Effortless French Woman – Maison Kitsuné Spring/Summer 2015

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Last Monday Maison Kitsuné made its debut presentation for New York Fashion Week, unveiling the “Effortless French”  Spring/Summer 2015 Men and Women collections!

Remember, back in June, we announced the arrival of the “Effortless French” Man into Maison Kitsuné’s fashion history, now it’s time for the ladies to shine!

Creative duo and founders Gildas Loaec & Masaya Kuroki, have conceived a collection immersed in a new concept based on the French women’s ability to choose and balance well-made clothes resulting in a thoughtful and personalised ensemble.

The beautiful Kiko Mizuhara is the most European of all Japanese models; Maison Kitsuné is proving this season that the “Effortless French” attitude could be withing everyone’s reach !

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After chatting with the Effortless French Man we turn to the Effortless French Woman …

What is about effortless French style? How would you explain our secrets?

I think the key to effortless French style’ is that the French have an intrinsic ability to balance what is understated and easy. They highlight their best assets (which lucky for them, seem infinite) with well-made clothes that are thoughtfully chosen.

Let’s talk about French women – what do they do that is so special?

The French woman may give off a carefree attitude, but she puts a lot of consideration into her clothes. Rather than giving into fast fashion she prefers clothes that are classic and versatile. It’s why she never seems like she’s trying too hard, and can go out at night in a button down and flats and still look provocative.

That sounds kind of boring though, dont you think?

No not at all! For all the timelessness and simplicity of a French woman’s wardrobe, she never, ever looks boring – that’s what is so effortless about it all. I think it’s thanks
to the fun pieces she adds into the mix of year-round staples. In the spring, I really like how French women look to things like bright prints, pastels, and colorful stripes to liven up their neutral basics.

Well of course! Dont New Yorkers do that too?

No, sadly not. Everyone here is always dressed in black.
The whole city looks like it’s attending a giant funeral all the time – even in the summer!
I like how French women are more whimsical when it comes
to fashion. They have no problem wearing a hot pink cape in the rain or a pair of pants printed with a ton of tiny neon foxes.

Yes, its one of the Frenchs many talents. What else do you admire about how french women dress?

It’s nice how they value impeccable craftsmanship and special details in clothing – like artisanal embroideries and pearl buttons. The tailoring and maintenance involved in their wardrobes never ceases to amaze me too. Even their white tennis skirts always look perfect – not one orange clay court stain in sight. That’s quite the feat. Maybe it’s a sign that there’s a lot of secret bleach in your water. I also really like how a French woman grooms herself – especially her hair.

But what do you like about her hair?

It’s a mess and she doesn’t care – like she slept on some rough couch all night, woke up the next morning and went to work without looking in the mirror. It sounds awful in theory but somehow she pulls it off. She also has great taste in shoes.

It seems like you think she has great taste in everything – what is so good about her shoes too?

A French woman wears shoes that are polished and feminine, but practical. I like how she gravitates towards crisp plimsoll sneakers and flats with tiny heels. They’re both cute and are really intelligent choices when you consider how she has to navigate Paris’s cobblestone streets all day.

Well thats because French people are supremely smarter than everyone else, obviously. So if you were to take a wild guess, what do you think the French woman will be wearing with her perfect hair and shoes this summer?

I think her effortless traditions will continue, but with a chic, sporty update. She’ll look to the Sixties for classic silhouettes like pleated skirts, polo shirts, and collared dresses.
But true to form, she’ll throw in a pièce de résistance for good measure – a neon top or metallic skirt has never looked so chic.


Credits Paul Bliss Photography