Kitsuné Talk – Numéro111 Architects

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Maison Kitsuné is opening a second boutique at the heart of Paris in September!

Situated in the sixth district of the French capital, the shop was entirely designed by the rising architect’s office Numéro111.

Before you step inside this new shopping space, read more about the interior design masterminds below…

For starters, tell us the story that hides behind the name Numéro111: who are you, how did it all start? 

Numéro 111 is the story of three childhood friends: Sophie Françon, Jennifer Julien & Gregory Peyrache; sharing a same passion for objects, volumes, shapes and materials.

We have chosen to use this name to symbolise our three individualities: 1+1+1.

Could you define Numéro111 ‘s general style and aesthetic ideology?

Our work relies on an ongoing dialogue.
Our sketches evolve during these talks and the result is often representative of our three characters.

We get inspired by our daily lives, travels and the people we meet. Curiosity is a key-element to our creative process. We constantly ask ourselves about our surrounding and dive into several universes in order to bring out a different approach to each project.

When starting collaborating with Maison Kitsuné, how did you start imagining Rue Madame’s boutique?

We thought the boutique as a reflection of our collaboration with Maison Kitsuné; uniting music, fashion and design.

To your mind what is the architectural essence of Maison Kitsuné ? Did it help you built the interior?

Maison Kitsuné gets its inspiration from the effortless French elegance, taking the architectural codes of the ‘Haussmanien’ buildings’ as the chevron wooden floors, the moldings and subbasement … 

We got inspired by the intimate flavour of the Maison Kitsuné boutiques and imagined a space half way between a living room and a store.

Three adjectives that best describe the 6th district of Paris according to you!

Elegance, feminity, refinement.

We just can’t wait to see the inside of Maison Kitsuné’s new boutique, could you give us some hints of what will make it special?

The Rue Madame boutique is thought as a precious backdrop for the collections. Using pastel colours and tones of beige from floor to ceiling plunges the customer into a smooth and soft atmosphere.

The furnitures’ lines are subtle and uncluttered.

Materials such as rattan, copper, leather and marble bring a singular charm to the space and enriches its identity.