#KitsuneSweet16 – Fakear

The Kitsuné Maison Compilation is back for its 16th round as 'The Sweet Sixteen Issue'! It's time to go back in the days with each artist!

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We’re back for another round of musical surprises! This year, Kitsune Maison 16 ‘The Sweet Sixteen Issue is about showcasing some of the most exciting artists of tomorrow with a little ‘teen years nostalgia’ twist!

We’re opening the ball with French offspring Fakear who’s granting us with an exclusive track entitled ‘Interstellar’!

This young but already fast-growing musician is about to make some serious waves with his striking tunes and mind-blowing live performances.

Being inspired by the beats and flavours of world music, hip-hop and electronica, Fakear bends the rules opening the door to endless mutations.

Enough with the words, listen to ‘Interstellar’ premiered on Thump !

#KitsuneSweet16 digs into the artists nostalgic-yet-slightly-embarassing teenage years…


1/ Picture

Here’s a picture of me when I was sixteen. I think it sums up that period quite well.


2/ Tune

Pink Floyd’s ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamonds’ was the track I would listen to again and again. I was really into psychedelic rock at that time and this one was definitely my anthem of the moment.

3/ Memory

When I went on a school trip to Milan with all of my old time friends (Superpoze was one of them). All of the travelling really brought us closer and we all keep such amazing memories.


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