Behind the collection : Peter Jensen exclusive interview

With Peter Jensen for Maison Kitsuné capsule collection just about to pop for the holiday season, we had a chat with the Danish designer to know a bit more about this love affair!

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Christmas is just around the corner!

As we’re revealing on November 24th the glamourous and exclusive Peter Jensen for Maison Kitsuné capsule collection, we had a little chat with the mastermind Peter Jensen himself !

We know Peter Jensen as an eclectic & unique London-established brand. Can you tell us how it all started…?
I think, that I always wanted to be a fashion designer, there was nothing else I ever thought of becoming. I liked to dress up when I was young and I loved to make me own kind of fashion, which was not always the best look in the world but had a place in my growning up.`

We are very proud to have you as Maison Kitsuné’s new collaborative designer. How did this fashion encountering happen?
I have known Gildas and Masaya for years and when Gildas asked us if we wanted to work with them, well I was very happy and thought “this could work’ London and Paris comes together. It really was very simple Gildas asked and I said yes without much thinking. I have always loved Maison Kitsuné menswear and this year I got my first Kitsune suit. I’m happy!

What inspired you to make this capsule collection come to life?
I was  looking at pieces from the PJ archive and how to make them come to life in a different way, in a different light, if you like. I think, it worked. It was also a really good way of dressing Kitsuné fans in some PJ fashion and make people that didn’t know about me and my brand aware of what I stand for.

Give us a few of your thoughts on London’s and Paris’ street style.
That is very hard for me to say anything about,because I like looking at older women on the street, I think they dress really chic. I think, that is the same in London and Paris. Chic older ladies.

At Maison Kitsuné, our spirit animal is the fox Japanese mythical creature – what is Peter Jensen’s rabbit story?!
The rabbit comes from our SS01 “Mildred” collection, which was the 2nd collection that we did. It was just the perfect little rabbit that needed to have his own life. It was first used as a repeat print and afterwards as the PJ logo.

Last but not least, could you give us your favourite spot(s) to hang out in London?
In my local pub or at home.

Credits: Dante Holdsworth

Peter Jensen for Maison Kitsuné Capsule Collection now available online and in store !