#KitsuneSweet16 – Croquet Club

The Kitsuné Maison Compilation is back for its 16th round as 'The Sweet Sixteen Issue' ! It's time to go back in the days...

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We’re back for another round of musical surprises! This year, Kitsune Maison 16 – The Sweet Sixteen Issue is about showcasing some of the most exciting artists of tomorrow with a little ‘teen years nostalgia’ twist!

Today we’re playing Croquet Club‘s Kitsuné Maison 16 track ‘Jacuzzi’!

Brainchild of another Parisian, Croquet Club brings a rock-solid bassline and enchanting melodies with his track ‘Jacuzzi’. We have here a true explorer of the mysterious interactions that go in between music and love.

Enough with the talking, sit back, press play and read more…

#KitsuneSweet16 digs into the artists nostalgic-yet-slightly-embarassing teenage years…


1/ Picture

Jeremy Guitar

La Gespe

I have played the guitar in a hardcore band and we used to play in a small venue somewhere in south of France. This is when I started to be really excited about making music. We were rehearsing a lot and looking forward to making those gigs… It felt so much more important than school.

2/ Tune

I’d like to say the whole Nevermind album from Nirvana. If I need to name just one song, it would probably be ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

3/ Memory

Listening to Supertramp on my way to school completely stoned with two friends and crying altogether at the end of the song.


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