#KitsuneSweet16 – JAWS

The Kitsuné Maison Compilation is back for its 16th round as 'The Sweet Sixteen Issue' ! It's time to go back in the days...

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We’re back for another round of musical surprises! This year, Kitsune Maison 16 – The Sweet Sixteen Issue is about showcasing some of the most exciting artists of tomorrow with a little ‘teen years nostalgia’ twist!

This week we’re taking you on a rocking trip with the Birmingham band JAWS and their track ‘Think Too Much, Feel Too Little’!

JAWS comes as a four-piece band formed at College in the UK that certainly has caught the musical scene’s attention. These barely legal youngsters’ breathy ‘guitar pop’ revisits the greats (Stone Roses, New Order, The Cure…) whilst adding their own catchy little pop twists to the procedure. After a handful of acclaimed singles, much touring and a growing fanbase, they’re ready to go stratospheric!

Put on those headphones and jump back in those early guitary years with their #KitsuneSweet16 track:


#KitsuneSweet16 digs into the artists nostalgic-yet-slightly-embarassing teenage years…


1/ Picture 

Attached a picture of me (Connor) and Eddy at Reading Festival back in 2013. The picture just reminds me to enjoy myself and not worry about the small stuff, which is something I do a lot!


2/ Tune

The song this picture reminds me of is ‘Entombed’ by Deftones. We were actually watching them while this picture was taken.

3/ Memory

Everything around that time was a great memory but we had played at the festival earlier on that day and that was huge for us. A great memory that I’ll have forever.


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