#KitsuneSweet16 – Nimmo

The Kitsuné Maison Compilation is back for its 16th round as 'The Sweet Sixteen Issue' ! It's time to go back in the days...

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We’re back for another round of musical surprises! This year, Kitsune Maison 16 – The Sweet Sixteen Issue is about showcasing some of the most exciting artists of tomorrow with a little ‘teen years nostalgia’ twist!

This week we’re excited to bring you our latest discovery: Nimmo !

This London five-piece erupts with a bang that goes by the name of ‘Others’ a firework of crystal-clear guitars, expressive keys and harmonic exchanges between singers Sarah and Reva. Let’s not forget to mention a handful of superior remixes that take this poignant ode to unsuspected levels of drama.

Put on those headphones and jump back in those early guitary years with their #KitsuneSweet16 track:


#KitsuneSweet16 digs into the artists nostalgic-yet-slightly-embarassing teenage years…


1/ Picture 


2/ Tune

Amy Winehouse – ‘Addicted’ & ‘Wake Up Alone’

The whole album soundtracked so many years for us

3/ Memory

When we were in the first year of secondary school, we got banned from being in eachothers class ever again as we were too naughty together. At 16 we were finally trusted to share the same classes again, which led to us starting the band together.

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